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3D Printers For Home Use

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Today, 3D printers are found almost everywhere. From classrooms to design studios, and furthermore, 3D printers are entering people’s homes. Like any other technology, 3D printers were extremely expensive during the time of their arrival to the technology scene. But since they are among us for some time now, there are models that almost anyone can get. Home 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular, and in this article, we’ll talk about home 3D models.

What Can You Expect From A Home 3D Printer?

If you wish to compare home models with professional models, it’s like with everything else. Home models are for a start made out of cheaper materials, built to last shorter than professional models, smaller in size and much slower. The professional 3D printers are quite the opposite. They are more robust, made out of expensive materials, built to last, and have bigger and faster printing capacity. The price dictates everything. If you wish to have a simple 3D printer for home use, you can have “XYZ da Vinci nano” starting with $180 price tag. There are others like “Toybox 3D printer” for the price of $299, as well as the “Monoprice Voxel” that goes for $399.

The Advanced Models

Being as it may, there are other, more advanced, models of 3D printers for home use that are considered as the ‘business models.’ If your design studio requires a 3D printer, you’ll probably want something better and faster than 3D toy printers that use a single sort of material. These advanced models can use different types of materials, therefore, making them more applicable. The LulzBot Mini 2 model has a price tag of $1,500, but it’s worth every penny. The Ultimaker 3 model is going a step further in a production sense, and its price goes to an astonishing $3,495.

Depending on your needs, there are multiple choices to choose from. Professional models go way beyond the mentioned prices, but in case you need the professional model, be sure to calculate your way into the 3D printing world accordingly.

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