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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Hotel Business

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Social media platforms are a great marketing medium for the hotel business. A hotel business can get a lot of business using proper social media marketing strategies.

A recent study shows Facebook and Twitter can bring 81% more ROI compared to traditional marketing like newspaper ads, billboard ads and, etc.

Let’s see the following social media strategies for hotel business which can bring more guests.

  1. Be present on all social media platforms

Create an account in all major social media platforms and represent your hotel business.

  1. Try to earn local reviews

A positive review can be beneficial for the hotel business. Try to improve the local review score for your hotel’s social media accounts.

Ask your existing customers to submit reviews. So when someone new will see a positive review it will create a positive impact in their mind.

  1. Engage with the audiences

Hotel business needs to be engaged in social media with the audiences. Respond to their queries first, thanks to them for interactive and offer them special discounts.

  1. Run paid social media campaign

The paid campaign can help hotel business to reach potential customers. All social media allow running targeted ads. Hotel business can run the paid promotion and reach target audiences.

  1. Share visually appealing content

Since the hotel is visually appealing; a hotel business can attract prospective guests by posting photos and videos of the hotel interior, photos and videos of swimming pool, photos, and videos of rooms.

This will attract more customers to book your hotel.

  1. Be regular on all social media platforms

Consistency is the key to social media marketing. So try to be regular on all social media platforms. Your audience doesn’t love delay.

These social media marketing strategies can bring a lot of business for the hotel business.

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