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Why 3D Printing is Getting Popular Day by Day

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3D printing is a revolution in the printing industry. 3D printing is getting popular day by day in the printing industry and we are seeing a lot of 3D printing startups nowadays.

What is the reason behind the popularity of 3D printing? Read below and find out why 3D printing is getting popular day by day:

  1. 3D printing is fast

3D printing provides fast printing service compared to traditional printing service such as CNC, Injection Molding.

Everyone loves fast production so the popularity of 3D printing is rising day by day.

  1. Easily customizable

3D printing object is designed by special computer software known as Computer Aided Design (CAD). You can acquire any design by means of this computer software.

Since it is a digital file you can easily customize the design according to your need. This is one of the main reasons for 3D printing to become popular day by day.

  1. Produce less waste

3D printer print 3D objects in a layer by layer concept. Since it ads material layer by layer it produces less waste.

Traditional printing solution like injection molding, CNC produce more waste compared to 3D printing.

Since 3D printing provides better waste management and produces less waste it’s becoming popular day by day.

  1. Require less human interaction

You can print a 3D object or prototype by simply giving a “print” command to the computer. As soon as you will hit the print button the 3D printer will do its job automatically.

Just sit back and relax! Your 3D object will be printed without prior human interactions.

  1. Cost-effective

Since 3D printing requires less physical labor and produce less waste it is cost effective compared to other printing solutions.

For the above reasons, the popularity of 3D printing is getting popular day by day. And in near future 3D printing will be widely adopted in the printing industry.

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